What's New

What's new in the most recent version?

XboxLiveAPI is always getting better. So here's what's new in the latest version, XboxLiveAPI 2.0. Have some ideas for new features? Help contribute.

Completely Rewritten

Everything re-written from the ground up for speed and simplicity.

Faster Responses

New caching functions and login system provides faster response times.

HTTPS Requests

Make sure you're getting the proper data from the right server with our new SSL certificates and HTTPS responses.

Open Source

XboxLiveAPI is now Open Source, which means even more features are possible!

Object-Oriented Coding

XboxLiveAPI was rewritten to be more object-oriented. This allows you more freedom with how you choose to use your data.

Region-Specific Support

Results can now be returned for specific regions supported by Xbox Live.

For complete documentation of the syntax changes in 2.0, check out the API Documentation. In order to completely upgrade from 1.0, you will need to completely remove all old files, and upload the more recent ones, since 1.0 has been completely removed from the repository and API service.