Supported Regions

A list of all supported regions in the API

In order to change the region code for the results, add a parameter to each request named region. An example request would look like this: https://www.xboxleaders.c../docs/2.0/profile.json?gamertag=Major%20Nelson&region=en-GB

All requests will default to en-US if no region is specified, or is not supported.

Code Country Code Country
es-AR Argentina (Spanish) en-AU Australia (International English)
de-AT Austria (German) nl-BE Belgium (Dutch)
fr-BE Belgium (French) br-BR Brazil (Brazilian)
pt-br Brazilian (Portuguese) en-CA Canada (English)
fr-CA Canada (French) es-CL Chile (Spanish)
es-CO Colombia (Spanish) cs-CZ Czech Republic (Czech)
da-DA Denmark (Danish) fi-FI Finland (Finnish)
fr-FR France (French) de-DE Germany (German)
el-GR Greece (Greek) zh-HK Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese)
en-HK Hong Kong (English) hu-HU Hungary (Hungarian)
en-ID India (English) en-ID Ireland (International English)
he-IL Israel (Hebrew) it-IT Italy (Italian)
ja-JP Japan (Japanese) ko-KR Korea (Korean)
es-MX Mexico (Spanish) nl-NL Netherlands (Dutch)
en-NZ New Zealand (International English) nb-NO Norway (Norwegian)
pl-PL Poland (Polish) ru-RU Russia (Russian)
en-SA Saudi Arabia (International English) en-SG Singapore (International English)
sk-SK Slovakia (Slovakian) en-ZA South Africa (International English)
es-ES Spain (Spanish) sv-SE Sweden (Swedish)
de-CH Switzerland (German) fr-CH Switzerland (French)
zh-TW Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) tr-TR Turkey (Turkish)
en-UA United Arab Emirates (International English) en-GB United Kingdom (English)
en-US United States (English) -- --