Learn how to use the XboxLiveAPI

After you get up and running, you can start using the data in any way you want!

XboxLiveAPI allows you to return 5 different sets of data. All endpoints are read-only, so no data can be modified. These endpoints are:
  1. profile
  2. games
  3. achievements
  4. friends
  5. search
Resource Description
GET api/profile Returns information about the requested gamertag that would be displayed on their profile.
GET api/games Returns a list of all the games the requested gamertag has played, as well as data pertaining to those games, such as achievements, gamerscore, and boxart.
GET api/achievements Returns a list of all achievements for the requested gamertag and game. Secret achievements cannot be revealed through this endpoint.
GET api/friends Returns a list of all of the requested gamertags' friends as well as their online status.
GET api/search Returns a list of results for the queried search. Searches the Xbox Marketplace.