The XboxLeaders API allows developers to access public Xbox LIVE data in order to encourage app development around the Xbox LIVE service.

  • XboxLeaders API Service is shutting down as of April 31, 2014. Read more here.

Easy To Use

By using official and contributed wrappers, you can be developing apps in no time.

Open Source

Open Source projects are awesome! Feel free to contribute in any way you can!

99% Uptime

The API is monitored 24/7, so any problems can and will be taken care of immediately.

Free, as in Speech

The XboxLeaders API is completely free for commercial use. Check out the license.

Multi-Region Support

The API supports as many regions as the Xbox LIVE service. See the region chart for more info.

Always Fresh

I'm always working on adding new features, and love new ideas. Feel free to contribute.

Thanks to @djekl and @lukezbihlyj for help, advice, support, and being all around badass coders.

HUGE thanks to Linode for supporting me and my VPS.

Thanks to @davegandy and fontawesome for designing and allowing the use of this documentation theme.